Tax planning

Why is tax planning necessary?

Your tax planning

Ihre Steuer-planung

Different financial decisions and life situations will influence the tax burden of an individual. It is therefore recommended to include good tax advice in your financial planning. Take advantage of our experts’ know-how and make savings where useful.

We offer advice on the following topics:

During your personal consultation you will receive answers to the following questions:

Fast and easy

Declaring taxes

Thanks to our smart online form, you can submit your tax declaration to us in a fast and easy way. Our experts will complete your tax declaration and will also point out further saving options.

Easy handover

Thanks to our online form, you can provide your documents and information without previous experience.

Skilled experts

Our tax specialists will make sure you’ll benefit from the best possible saving potential.

Convenient payment options

After receiving your completed tax declaration, you can pay quickly and safely via TWINT, credit card or payment slip.

  • Base Price Individual CHF 99.-
  • Base Price Married Individuals CHF 124.-

    Prices are valid for a time frame of up to 60 minutes. After that, an hourly rate of CHF 180 applies.

  • Real Estates + CHF 25.-
  • Securities + CHF 25.-
  • Physical Documents + CHF 9.-
  • Physical Tax Copy + CHF 9.-
  • Express Light + CHF 29.-

    Delivery time within 4 weeks (possible from April 1st / mandatory from August 1st).

  • Express + CHF 69.-

    Delivery time within 7 work days (possible from January 1st / mandatory from October 1st).

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