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Are you dreaming of having your own home?

Becoming a homeowner

Did you find the real estate of your dreams? We help you with raising a mortgage. As a neutral advisor, we assist you in finding the right product for you with the best bank or insurance. Additionally, we plan for the long term and check your financial possibilities so that you can make your dream come true.

Setting the highest possible mortgage

We guide you towards your personal dream of owning a home by defining the mortgage that would be affordable for you. Thus, you will save a lot of time in the search for your ideal real estate.

Direct or indirect amortisation

With direct amortisation, you make regular payments to the bank or insurance and, in this way, reduce your second mortgage annually. With indirect amortisation, you pay the agreed amortisation amount to a pension account or a pension police.

Impact on your future taxes

With indirect amortisation, you lower your income taxes by paying to your pillar 3a. Compared to direct amortisation, this causes higher mortgage interest rates.
Nevertheless, it is worthwhile choosing indirect amortisation since the tax deductions are often higher than the interest charges.

Influence on your future household budget

Usually, the costs of your own home are higher than those of a rental apartment. Your budget will therefore be reduced and the resulting savings rate will possibly be lower. We recommend to calculate the budget before and after buying your home.

The right insurance

Financial planning is essential to be able to enjoy your private home in the long run. Hence, it is very important to secure your real estate and to make provisions for the events of sickness, accident, death or invalidity.

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Mortgage checklist

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