Parents - part-time work or homemaker? 

A question that sooner or later concerns every young couple, especially when the pregnancy test is positive: Who will reduce their work when the baby arrives?

For young couples, the question often arises of who should reduce their work when the baby arrives. In most cases, the decision is made for the mother, as the baby is typically dependent on her in the first few months, and in some cases, she may earn less than the father. But is that always the best decision?

According to the Federal Statistical Office, mothers spend an average of 5.4 years outside the job market before finding employment again. This can have long-term consequences for their career and financial security. To make the decision about who should reduce their work, it's important to be clear about the financial facts and considerations. Bundesamt für Statistik verbringen Mütter durchschnittlich 5,4 Jahre ausserhalb des Arbeitsmarkts, bevor sie wieder eine Stelle finden. Dies kann langfristige Folgen für ihre Karriere und ihre finanzielle Absicherung haben. Um die Entscheidung, wer seine Arbeit reduzieren sollte, treffen zu können, ist es wichtig, sich über die finanziellen Fakten und Überlegungen im Klaren zu sein.

For example, let's assume the father earns CHF 7,000, and the mother earns CHF 5,000. If both reduce their work by 50% after maternity or paternity leave, they would contribute CHF 6,000 monthly to the household budget. However, if primarily the father continues to work while the mother stays with the child, they would earn CHF 7,000 per month - CHF 1,000 more than in the first scenario.

At first glance, it may seem sensible for the father to continue working, but there are also long-term consequences to consider. When the mother stays with the child, she doesn't contribute to the pension fund during that time and may forgo sickness and accident insurance. Additionally, she may face a more challenging reentry into the workforce and have lower career prospects. The partner's income will be higher, leading to a higher tax burden.

There are many factors to consider when making this important decision. Some are a matter of personal perception, while others can be financially substantiated. We recommend seeking advice from an expert to make an informed decision and enjoy the parental leave with confidence and peace of mind.

The Profinder team is available for a non-binding consultation. We can help you make the right decision so that you are well-prepared during this crucial phase of life.

In the Video, Boško Angov will briefly explain the topic again in german.

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